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Our Soul Care 
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total number of souls of school staff, administrators, and classroom teachers cared for through the Present Teacher trainings


total number of hours of engagement school staff, administrators, and classroom teachers have invested in their mental health, social and emotional learning, and soul rejuvenation


times the videos in the Present Teacher Restoration ProjectTM have been watched


school districts served by Present Teacher trainings

We care for the souls in systems of care through healing and preventing burnout and compassion fatigue.

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The work of serving and caring for those who care for and serve others is expanding! What started as in-person and online/on-demand curriculum dedicated to healing and preventing burnout and compassion fatigue through supporting and sustaining the mental health, emotional resilience, and soul wellbeing of our educational caregivers has grown tremendously. 

The Present Teacher Restoration Project has evolved into The Light You Cast curriculum. Through my concentrated work with educators over the past 7 years, I discovered that burnout and compassion fatigue do not discriminate by calling.

ALL of us who are called to relationship-based, caring professions deserve and need to have professional development that cares for the mind, the body, and the soul of the caregiver.


Visit www.drjenclifden to learn more about how we can support you or your staff of caregivers with strategic and sustained social, emotional, and relational health support to heal from and prevent burnout, compassion fatigue, and moral injury -- all states of being that dim our light and diminish our impact. 

*This Present Teacher website will phase out at the end of 2024. All content and course offerings listed here are still being offered; they are all just expanded and updated to include the most current research and practices on preventing and restoring the soul of the caregiver from the protective states of burnout.

Teacher with Pupils
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the Present Teacher Restoration ProjectTM
Present Teacher
Restoration Project

The Present Teacher Restoration ProjectTM 

is an experiential and evidence-based self-paced professional development training designed to help those who serve in education to heal from soul sickness (burnout, compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, and moral injury) while engaging a practical path of preventative practices that breathe life and and hope back in to one's calling to be of service in schools.


This adult social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum recognizes the science and the soul behind human relationships as the foundation for creating healthy and engaged, equity-based learning environments for both the educational caregiver and the students they serve.

"I will rewatch all of the lessons. I actually feel like a healed person."

The Present Schools ProjectTM
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 The Present Schools ProjectTM  

is a professional development training designed to engage school staff, educators, and administrators in expanding their knowledge of how to embody and live out soul justice and social justice in schools.


As one teacher put it best -- 

This training, while it addresses the very personal needs of avoiding teacher burnout and coping with stress, finds its way into improving our relationships with everyone we encounter on our mission to teach. Self-love as the cornerstone of racial justice seems simple, cutting edge, and essential all at once. 

"The Present Schools Project has helped change the mindset of my staff from surviving to striving. My school experienced significant trauma last year. Jennifer and Nuhu created a space for my staff to heal, care, and restore their love for teaching."

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Present TeacherTM
Professional Development 
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Present Teacher Professional Development and Keynotes  

Looking to provide your educators with a burst of soul inspiration? Explore extensive list of virtual and in-person research-based educator mental health, emotional vitality, and soul health professional learning experiences to complement your current PD focus. 

"Dr. Clifden has been amazing to work with! Her training is truly powerful. She is a captivating and enthusiastic speaker!
Her keynote was fun, informative, moving, and, as one participant described it, 'life changing'. Her authentic and calming personality is refreshing and motivating."

FREE Resources for Teachers
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The Healing Health Caregiver ProjectTM
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 The Healing Health Caregiver ProjectTM  

We don't only support educators and educational staff! Human-service professionals in heart-centered, healing and helping professions like health care and public health feel the very real impact of compassion fatigue, burnout, secondary trauma, and moral injury.

We can help!


The Healing Health Caregiver ProjectTM is an experience and evidence-based curriculum that promotes emotional healing, mental health, and burnout restoration designed specifically for health caregivers. We know that our health caregivers "support and maximize human and system capacity and potential" (Kreitzer and Koithan, 2019), and our curriculum is designed to support and maximize their inner capacity and innate potential. 

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Check out Jen's story and the origins of Present Teacher in this feature article by our local Voyage Minnesota Magazine

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We sure had a great time at this back-to-school energizing event:

Caring for our staff so they can care for our kids

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A Youth Worker's Superpower!

Check out Jen's conversation with Jade Schleif from YIPA (Youth Intervention Programs Association) about all the ways self-compassion helps us build healthy relationships with ourselves so that we can be fully present for the youth we serve.

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OnEducation is a must listen to Podcast for teachers! Mike and Glen keep the conversations about teaching and being a teacher real and honest.

In this episode, Jen talks about teacher mental health with Mike and Glen, and they have some very real and honest questions for her....

Present TeacherTM
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Meet Dr. Jen
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Check out what teachers and administrators have to say about the well-being work!

Founder & Creator 

Present TeacherTM

Present Well-Being LLC

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Present Well-Being LLC is a

Certified Equity Vendor
for mental and social and emotional learning (SEL) consultation for school districts and mindfulness training for educators and school leaders.

State Vendor Number: 0001036635
Primary NAICS Code: 621330

Contact Jen for more information
on any of the professional learning offerings

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