Teacher Well-Being Mission


We believe that teaching is a

calling that emanates 

from the core

of who we are.

When we are emotionally healthy and spiritually well,

our presence is palpable for our students. 

Our well-being is the strength that enables us to be social justice warriors of love, compassion, and inclusivity in the classroom and beyond.

We have educator mental and emotional health covered during a global pandemic and a renewed call for radical racial justice...

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Present TeacherTM
Professional Learning
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Explore extensive list of virtual and in-person

 innovative, research-based educator

mental, social, and emotional well-being

 professional learning sessions for your staff!

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the Present Teacher Restoration ProjectTM

The Present Teacher Restoration ProjectTM 

is an innovative and unique professional development offering designed by Present Teaching TrainingTM  that focuses on providing our educators with systematic and targeted mental health and emotional resilience support to RESTORE their dignity and respect through learning experiential practices that teach them how to

"RE-FINE" their bodies and 

"RE-STORY" the thoughts in the mind

in the midst of a global pandemic and renewed mission of social justice work.


In this professional learning series, teachers will:   

  • learn about the origins of healing from toxic stress, 

  • receive targeted support for how to manage personal and collective trauma triggered in teaching,

  • learn specific mind and body practices that re-store a teacher's energy and passion to teach,

  • experience strategies rooted in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness to "re-story" the stress to bring equilibrium to their mental health, stability in their emotional well-being, and a renewed sense of purpose.

For Teachers
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Free PD Video Series
Balancing Your Well-Being
with Being a Teacher
during uncertainty and change

Our Well-Being IS

Social Justice Work

OnEducation is a must listen to Podcast for teachers! Mike and Glen keep the conversations about teaching and being a teacher real and honest.

In this episode, Jen talks about teacher mental health with Mike and Glen, and they have some very real and honest questions for her....

Present TeacherTM Training 
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Present TeacherTM
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Check out what teachers and administrators have to say about the well-being work!

Explore how to engage your teachers in earning up to 20 CEUs in this

research-based sustained and systematic teacher stress-resilience curriculum designed to provide teachers with sustained and integrated professional development at your school site...

Meet Dr. Jen
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Founder & Creator 

Present TeacherTM

Present Well-Being LLC

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