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Balancing Your Well-Being
with Being a Teacher
during uncertainty and change

 Present TeacherTM

exists to provide all educational professionals with professional development experiences, strategies, and insights rooted in mindfulness, teacher transformation and SEL theories, mindful movement, and neuroscience that inspire them to transform and thrive, both personally and professionally, in their calling to teach.

We want you to know that we see you. And when we say "you," we mean every individual who engages with students from youth workers, college educators, para-professionals, school counselors, classroom teachers to principals. You walk into school buildings and classrooms every single day committed to serving your students and youth with passion, purpose, and positivity. 


And while working with youth is your calling, and you reap many great rewards from your work, the educational profession is stressful and emotionally demanding. Few, if any of us, ever received strategic support or training for coping with the inherent and unique mental, emotional, and heart & soul stressors of working in a human service profession.


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Our Why

Bring Present Teacher Professional Development

to Your School, District, or University

*Explore our 60-90 minute, half day, and full day 

innovative and inspiring PD opportunities.

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Earn 9-20 CEU credits through a sustained and systematic support curriculum designed to provide educators with ongoing and engaging teacher mental and emotional health professional development experiences customized to your school schedule.

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