What educators are saying about Present TeacherTM Training and The Present Teacher Restoration ProjectTM

Data from our partnership with Hennepin County Public Health

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School Districts and Charter Schools that we served:

  • Anoka Hennepin

  • ISD 1 — Minneapolis

  • ISD 270 — Hopkins

  • ISD 271 — Bloomington

  • ISD 272 — Eden Prairie

  • ISD 273 — Edina

  • ISD 276 — Minnetonka

  • ISD 277 — Westonka

  • ISD 278 — Orono

  • ISD 279 — Osseo

  • ISD 280 — Richfield

  • ISD 281 — Robbinsdale

  • ISD 282 — St. Anthony

  • ISD 283 — St. Louis Park

  • ISD 284 — Wayzata

  • ISD 286 — Brooklyn Center

  • ISD 728 — Elk River

  • ISD 877 — Buffalo

  • ISD 883 — Rockford

  • Intermediate District 287

  • Agamim Classical Academy

  • Athlos Leadership Academy

  • Augsburg Fairview Academy

  • Aurora Charter School

  • Bdote Learning Center

  • Beacon Academy

  • Beacon Academy

  • Best Academy

  • Cedar Riverside Community School

  • Eagle Ridge Academy Charter School

  • El Colegio Charter School

  • Excell Academy Charter

  • Friendship Academy of Fine Arts Charter

  • Hennepin Elementary School

  • Hiawatha Academies

  • Horizon Science Academy Twin Cities Charter School

  • International Spanish Language Academy

  • KIPP Minnesota Charter School

  • Legacy of Dr. Josie R. Johnson Montessori

  • Lincoln International School

  • Lionsgate Academy

  • LoveWorks Academy For Arts

  • Mastery School

  • Metro Schools Charter

  • Minnesota Excellence in Learning Academy

  • Minnesota Internship Center.....


I will rewatch all of the lessons. I actually feel like a healed person. High School Teacher

This training was a life saver!  Every week I was waiting for it, to practice meditation, remind me of my strengths, and manage my energy the best way possible to survive and find joy in the middle of the pandemic and distance learning. -THANK YOU!!! Minneapolis Public School Elementary Teacher

Music Teacher

Thanks for this, Jen. I was able to dip into the meditations and yoga and have a reset of the necessary skills of self care and compassion for others. I am still struggling daily with the whole distance learning model. I couldn't be doing it without the framework you have presented. Your presence and words bring peace - even virtually. Osseo Area Schools Elementary Teacher

Portrait Of Female Teacher Holding Digit

I loved going through the Present Teacher Restoration modules. I feel PTRP affirms everything we (caring and compassionate teachers)  feel in a day, week, and a year.


PTRP gives practical wellness tools which helped (and still help me) with my stress levels. I loved the movement, meditation and breathing exercises. Anyone can do them at whatever fitness level they are at. PTRP also addresses one to be self-reflective and honest in one's teaching practice to bring about more inclusiveness and equity.

Minneapolis Public School Teacher

The trainings were eye opening to simple things we can incorporate into our daily lives, teaching practices, or parenting/family relationships.  Who knew that taking a 30 second pause in your day to do a tree pose can help refocus, destress, and calm your body and mind.  Minneapolis Public School Teacher

This training has helped me to realize that how I respond to everything is a choice. Situations can be stressful in the classroom, and how I choose to respond is up to me. I have learned to surround myself with positive, inspiring people and that my relationships with students, families, and colleagues is crucially important to me. Thank you! First year elementary school teacher

I have learned that my teacher stress is normal and manageable. I have learned that if I practice mindfulness/ meditation DAILY that I can be a calmer, more resilient teacher. 

High School English Teacher

I am more patient with myself and others. I notice more openly and frequently and feel more connected to myself than I have before. Special Education Paraprofessional 

Masks in Classroom

Present Teacher trainings helped me to recognize my own strengths and learn to draw on them during hectic or difficult times in my class. I feel more competent, more compassionate than I did before. Early Childhood Education Teacher

I often used to wonder if I had done enough to show all my kids that I care about them. After this training, I am finishing this year with a sense of being 'enough.' I gave my all, and I was engaged with my kids. I felt genuine presence with them.

I am enough. Osseo Area Schools Elementary School Teacher