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What educators are saying about
The Present Teacher Restoration ProjectTM 

I will rewatch all of the lessons. I actually feel like a healed person. High School Teacher

 This training, while it addresses the very personal needs of avoiding teacher burnout and coping with stress, finds its way into improving our relationships with everyone we encounter on our mission to teach. Self-love as the cornerstone of racial justice seems simple, cutting edge, and essential all at once. 

Elementary Teacher, 

Minneapolis Public Schools 

On my laptop I have a post-it with these three bullet points from the PTRP as daily reminders:

  • Joy flows from a healthy perspective

  • Wellness is a by-product of being present

  • The antidote to anxiety is action

This course has been immensely valuable to me. As a person who works in the mental health field, I call the PTRP a wheatgrass shot, as it is a condensed boost of all that self-care, mental health training, mindfulness trainings I have learned throughout the years. 

Saint Paul Public School Counselor

Thanks for this, Jen. I was able to dip into the meditations and yoga and have a reset of the necessary skills of self care and compassion for others. I couldn't be doing it without the framework you have presented. Your presence and words bring peace - even virtually.  Elementary Teacher

Portrait Of Female Teacher Holding Digit
I loved going through the Present Teacher Restoration modules. I feel PTRP affirms everything we (caring and compassionate teachers)  feel in a day, week, and a year.
PTRP gives practical wellness tools which helped (and still help me) with my stress levels. I loved the movement, meditation and breathing exercises. Anyone can do them at whatever fitness level they are at. PTRP also addresses one to be self-reflective and honest in one's teaching practice to bring about more inclusiveness and equity.
High SchoolTeacher

The trainings were eye opening to simple things we can incorporate into our daily lives, teaching practices, or parenting/family relationships.  Who knew that taking a 30 second pause in your day to do a tree pose can help refocus, destress, and calm your body and mind.  

Middle School Teacher

I have learned that my teacher stress is normal and manageable. I have learned that if I practice mindfulness/ meditation DAILY that I can be a calmer, more resilient teacher. 

High School English Teacher

This training has helped me to realize that how I respond to everything is a choice. Situations can be stressful in the classroom, and how I choose to respond is up to me. I have learned to surround myself with positive, inspiring people and that my relationships with students, families, and colleagues is crucially important to me. Thank you! First year elementary school teacher

What educators and administrators are saying about in-person 
Present Teacher Trainings and Keynotes

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 8.33.17 AM.png

Your presentation was fantastic; it was just what I needed. I honestly felt like you were talking specifically to me. I love your style of presenting; you are a lovely teacher- and human. 
Elementary School Teacher

Thank you so much for your presentation this morning. It was one of the most energetic and empowering events I have ever experienced. Your energy and positivity were so much fun to watch and are so greatly appreciated.

Special Education Paraprofessional

interracial kids hugging happy teacher at table in classroom.jpg

Dr. Clifden has been amazing to work with! Her training is truly powerful. She is a captivating and enthusiastic speaker!
Her keynote was fun, informative, moving, and, as one participant described it, 'life changing'. Her authentic and calming personality is refreshing and motivating.

County Public Health Official

I am one of those people where I need to know the "why" before I will buy into something. I have often pushed back against the idea of self-care because I thought it was weak and self-indulgent. But, hearing Jen explain how we need to take care of ourselves in order to take care of those in our charge convinced me. I am still on the journey towards self-care, but now I see how valuable and impactful it is.

Portrait Of Mature Female Teacher Or Student With Digital Tablet Working At Table In Colle
High angle view of a team of united coworkers standing with their hands together in a hudd

Thank you very much for the incredible workshop today. My staff were engaged, inspired, and felt a sense of healing and restoration. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

Elementary School Administrator

After the first workshop with Jen, I experienced a newfound sense of "positive regard" towards my family. I have one child in particular who is difficult to get along with and we often butt heads. In the few days after the workshop, I found that my relationship with him was much smoother than normal. I understood him on a deeper level than ever before, and I was able to assume positive intent (and truly believe it) whereas before I would have thought he was being malicious or manipulative. By taking better care of myself through Jen's workshop, I was more calm, present, and positive toward my family, which had an immediate and significant positive effect on my relationship with my son.

Because of this training, I am more patient with myself and others. I notice more openly and frequently and feel more connected to myself than I have before. Special Education Paraprofessional 

Masks in Classroom

Present Teacher trainings helped me to recognize my own strengths and learn to draw on them during hectic or difficult times in my class. I feel more competent, more compassionate than I did before. Early Childhood Education Teacher

Before the Present Teacher Training, I often used to wonder if I had done enough to show all my kids that I care about them. After this training, I am finishing this year with a sense of being 'enough.' I gave my all, and I was engaged with my kids. I felt genuine presence with them.

I am enough. Elementary School Teacher

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