What educators are saying about Present TeacherTM Training

This training has helped me to learn to focus on what is happening in the present moment, to tune in to my inner self and to make choices using the wisdom I gain from seeing things through clearer lenses. 

I have learned that my teacher stress is normal and manageable. I have learned that if I practice mindfulness/ meditation DAILY that I can be a calmer, more resilient teacher.

I am more patient with myself and others. I notice more openly and frequently and feel more connected to myself than I have before.

Present Teacher trainings helped me to recognize my own strengths and learn to draw on them during hectic or difficult times in my class. I feel more competent, more compassionate than I did before.

I often used to wonder if I had done enough to show all my kids that I care about them. After this training, I am finishing this year with a sense of being 'enough.' I gave my all, and I was engaged with my kids. I felt genuine presence with them. I am enough.

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