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Present Teacher      Present StudentTM

Present Teacher ∞ Present StudentTM is a synergistic professional development training program. This transformation opportunity combines the philosophies, practices, and strategies of both MoveMindfully® and Present Well-Being® into one complete program supporting the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of teachers and students. 


Our curriculum draws upon the following research-based practices that support educators in developing and practicing mental and emotional resilience:



Positive Neuropsychology

Regulating Movement

Trauma-Responsive Classrooms

Healing-Centered Design


Training LENGTH Options include

  • (2) 3-4 hour sessions

  • (3) 2.5 hour sessions

Training FORMAT 

  • In-Person


6-8 Hours = $10,500

(up to 125 staff)


In this highly experiential and interactive session, educators will: 




  • Explore the impact of trauma/stress on the nervous system and how to utilize mind-body practices to regain a sense of safety, stability, and connection

  • Explore the 3 stages and manifestations of teacher and student burnout

  • Learn evidence-based practices to metabolize burnout to engage healing 

  • Explore strategies to cultivate and embody the 5 competencies of SEL and mirror and model adult SEL and well-being to youth through presence

  • Learn how to cultivate core competencies of embodied SEL through moments of stress to strengthen mental health, emotional resilience, and compassion

  • Explore the (2) mindfulness-based RESTORATION practices to stoke body safety and secure self-attachment (for the educator and the student)

  • Experience student-centered strategies to "regulate, relate, and reason" in moments of distress and learn how to sequence self-soothing practices for students that stoke resilience and emotional adaptability

  • Experience and practice how to stave off the onset of burnout and engaging healing from toxic stress through the 4 elements of the H.E.A.L Infinite Well-Being ModelTM 

  • Develop practical research-based interventions to assist students with self-regulation, focus, de-escalation, community connection and overall well-being


Resources teachers will take away to integrate into their classroom settings:

Mindfulness and movement tools to work with students


Teacher emotional and mental well-being practices 


Links to online resources and readings about mental and emotional well-being for teachers and students, positive impact of mindfulness in the school setting, and teacher self-care


MoveMindfully® and Present Well-Being®  offer training, professional development, and consultation to students, therapists, educators, treatment staff, and other related service providers on how to integrate mindfulness practices, yoga-based movement and social/emotional skills into classrooms, homes, and therapeutic settings.

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Present Well-Being®

is an innovative, research-based teacher mental and emotional well-being curriculum that draws on mindfulness, SEL theory, neuroscience, and teacher transformation theory to create a practical path to stoke educator mental health, emotional resilience, and authentic presence. 

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MoveMindfully® inspires, trains, and supports youth, adults, and families as they navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. We offer workshops, residencies, youth/adult sessions and family events in educational and crisis mental health environments.  

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