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Present Well-BeingTM in the Workspace
Burnout Awareness and Prevention for Health Care Professionals


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Burnout in health care professionals is associated with suboptimal care and practices.

Results emerging from research suggest that health care provider stress, fatigue, burnout, depression, or general psychological distress negatively affects healthcare systems and patient care."

 (Wallace et al. (2009)

Present Well-BeingTM in the Workspace for Health Care Professionals is a research-based, experiential curriculum of mental and emotional well-being support for health care professionals that increases burnout awareness and prevention while stoking mental and emotional resilience to the innate stressors unique to the health care field.

Research confirms that burnout has reached epidemic proportions for our medical professionals. Many report feeling overburdened, burnt out, and unable to cope with the social, emotional, physical, and mental demands of their profession. "Heavy workloads, feelings of powerlessness, and ill-designed jobs and work environments" have become real threats to the psychosocial well-being of our health care giver (Burke & Greenglass, 2001; Hersch et al., 2016).



The "cost of caring" in human service professions is experienced as compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, sacrifice syndrome, and burnout. 





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Those who don't care, don't burn out.

Unchecked and accumulated stress in one’s professional life can reach a destructive tipping point where what innocuously  begins as an “occupational identity crisis” generalizes to the entire self-concept of the human service professional.

(Vandenberghe & Huberman, 1999)


Stress is our fuel! Our curriculum and preventative practice are innovative and impactful.

We intentionally LEVERAGE the inherent stressors of the profession as the practice arena

for learning the process for metabolizing toxic stressors, preventing burnout from taking root, and stoking mental and emotional resilience.


Health care professional learn research-based practices drawn from





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Health Care professionals will:

  • explore the 3 primary sources of toxic stress in the health care field

  • discover strategies to feel the "slow and the flow in the fast" momentum of their work

  • experience mind/body practices to calm a busy mind and become present in chaotic moments

  • learn strategies to relate to their professional stressors in a way that cultivates resilience while staving off burnout 

  • explore the 3 core competencies of self-compassion as a cure for compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma

  • engage practices for protecting their energy from being fully depleted by their calling to heal

Present Well-BeingTM in the Workspace for health care professionals is a professional development experience that can be customized to fit every professional learning schedule.


We work with you to customize a delivery model (length of time) and format (virtual, in-person, or hybrid) that fits your institutional needs.

Training LENGTH Options include

  • 90 minute Well-Being Booster Training

  • 2-3 hour Retreat Training

  • 6 hour Restoration Training

Training FORMAT Options include

  • Virtual 

  • In-Person

  • Hybrid (mix of in-person and virtual)


Each session includes: 

Direct instruction on current, research-based foundational knowledge and data about health care professional burnout, compassion fatigue, resilience, SEL, and mental and emotional well-being

Mindful mental health meditation practices that calm a busy mind and settle the nervous system

Gentle mindful moment practices that strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system's relaxation response

Put Into Practice training handbook that outlines detailed well-being practices to integrate into one's professional and personal life

Burnout Awareness 
  • Explore the 3 primary sources of toxic stressor in the health care field
  • Discover the impact of moral injury and compassion fatigue on the health care professional
  • Increase awareness of the mental, physical, and psychosocial stages of burnout
  • Learn abut the signs and 3 core manifestations of burnout for nurses and physicians


Metabolizing Stress into Resilience and Well-Being (Part 1 and 2) 
  • Explore the 3 primary sources health care professional well-being
  • Explore the research health care giver resilience 
  • Experience the 4 step cycle of the Infinite Well-Being ModelTM  to metabolize stress into mental and emotional healing
Compassion as the Cure
  • Learn about the negative impact of compassion fatigue on patient care and health care giver emotional well-being
  • Explore the 3 core elements of self-compassion as a way to stave off sacrifice syndrome and compassion fatigue
  • Learn strategies to mitigate "secondary traumatic stress" and how to regain balance perspective of care for self and others
Burnout Prevention Practices
  • Explore and experience research-based mind and body practices that prevent the onset of burnout and protect the heart of the health care giver from over-identifying with their work
  • Create a Health Care Giver Well-Being Manifesto 
  • Learn mental health practices for metabolizing anxiety, overwhelm, and chronic mental fatigue
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