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The Healing Health Caregiver ProjectTM
Present Health Caregiver 


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Burnout in health care professionals is associated with suboptimal care and practices.

Results emerging from research suggest that health care provider stress, fatigue, burnout, depression, or general psychological distress negatively affects healthcare systems and patient care.

 (Wallace et al. (2009)



Our health caregivers are innately passionate, caring, and empathic people. Their capacity to care for others is their superpower. However, the caregiving profession has unique stressors that can serve to deplete our caregivers of their natural capacity to care for others while leaving them unable to care for themselves. 

The "cost of caring" in human service professions is experienced as compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, sacrifice syndrome, and burnout. 

Research confirms that burnout has reached epidemic proportions for our health caregivers. Many report feeling overburdened, burnt out, and unable to cope with the social, emotional, physical, and mental demands of their profession.


"Heavy workloads, feelings of powerlessness, and ill-designed jobs and work environments" have become real threats to the psychosocial well-being of our health caregiver (Burke & Greenglass, 2001; Hersch et al., 2016).

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Those who care are at the highest risk of burning out.

The cost of health caregiver burnout is estimated to be $4.6 billion dollars each year due to turnover, reduction in productivity, and effects on patient safety and satisfaction (Goeders et. al,2016). While the cost of caring impacts the health care system, it also has incalculable costs to the caregiver's physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and family systems.


Unchecked and accumulated stress in one’s professional life can reach a destructive tipping point where what innocuously begins as an “occupational identity crisis” generalizes to the entire self-concept of the human service professional (Vandenberghe & Huberman, 1999).























Fundamental elements to diminishing the negative impact of burnout in both the caregiver and the health care system include:


Raising awareness of the toxic stressors of the profession that drive burnout


Proactively integrating institutional support for caregivers that allow them to feel seen, witnessed, and cared for


Systematically and strategically engaging caregivers in evidence-based professional learning experiences that invite them to learn how to manage and mitigate the impact of toxic stress and metabolize stress in a way that drives deeper connections to the self, one's calling as a caregiver, and patient care


Providing ongoing, sustained support for caregivers to engage healing and restoration practices in a community setting

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The Healing Health Caregiver ProjectTM  is an evidence-based, experiential curriculum of emotional healing, mental health, and burnout restoration designed for health caregivers. We know that our health caregivers "support and maximize human and system capacity and potential" (Kreitzer and Koithan, 2019), and our curriculum is designed to support and maximize their capacity and potential. 














Our curriculum and preventative healing and restoration practices are innovative and impactful, and we design learning experiences for health caregivers that draw on MINDFULNESS, NEUROSCIENCE, TRANSFORMATION THEORY, adult SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL LEARNING, and HEALING-CENTERED DESIGN to intentionally leverage the inherent stressors of the health care profession for learning the process for metabolizing toxic stressors, preventing burnout from taking root, and restoring mental and emotional resilience.

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“Human beings are whole systems, inseparable from their environments, and have an innate capacity for health and well-being.” (Kreitzer and Koithan)


Through the The Healing Health Caregiver ProjectTMhealth caregivers: 

  • explore the 3 primary sources of toxic stress in the health care field

  • discover strategies to create the "slow in the fast" momentum of their work so to connect with themselves and their patients in an enriching (vs. depleting) way

  • experience mind/body practices to calm a busy mind and become present in chaotic moments

  • explore the 3 core competencies of self-compassion as a cure for compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma

  • learn how to engage the 4 elements Infinite Well-Being ModelTM  so to metabolize a trigger into a moment of resilience and restoration

  • engage practices for protecting their energy from being fully depleted by their calling to heal while stoking autonomy and professional agency

  • learning about the origins of caregiver trauma and the 4 relationship patterns that impact relationship health

  • learn the 3 R's to health caregiver resilience, healing, and restoration


The Healing Health Caregiver ProjectTM is a professional development experience that can be customized to fit your unique professional learning needs.


We work with you to customize a delivery model (length of time) and format (virtual, in-person, hybrid) of our core curriculum that fits your professional development needs.

All training sessions and formats include:

Direct instruction on current, evidence-based foundational knowledge and data about health care professional burnout, compassion fatigue, resilience, and healing.

Mindful mental health meditation practices that calm a busy mind and settle the nervous system

Gentle mindful moment practices that strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system's relaxation response

Put Into Practice training handbook that outlines detailed well-being practices to integrate into one's professional and personal life

Foundations Training

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The Health Caregiver Presence Impact

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When caregivers are stressed and experiencing burnout, it is easy to forget the power of their presence in their caregiving. In this foundations workshop, caregivers connect with their purpose and calling. We then discuss how one's calling as a caregiver is intimately intertwined with one's emotional and mental health. 


We discuss the 3 R's ~REST, RESTORATION, REVITALIZATION~ of health caregiver emotional healing and mental health.

Health caregivers are given two things they need most, time and space, to re-connect with their purpose and passion while they engage and learn soothing body-awareness practices that settle a busy mind and overactive nervous system. 

This session sets the foundational concepts of the 3 R's of Health Caregiver Restoration and Healing
  • Explore the core sources of stress in the health care field
  • Rediscover one's purpose, calling, and values as a health caregiver
  • Explore the origins of joy and flow in one's role as a health caregiver and learn why joy is essential to caregiver effectiveness
  • Explore the 3 R's~ REST, RESTORATION, REVITALIZATION~ of health caregiver well-being
  • Engage and experience mind-body healing practices that calm a busy mind and sooth the nervous system so to relieve anxiety and overwhelm
  • Explore how one's presence has a profound impact on patient care and well-being 

This foundations session is designed to be a 5-6 hour RESTORATION Training

Options for Engagement

  • In-Person 

Foundations Training (5-6 hours)                    $8,000

Core Trainings

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"Acting slow in the quick meeting means that the nurse-patient relationship is characterized by calmness and quietness, the nurse’s engagement in the patient’s suffering and her help to the patient to endure the present and hold the now." (Dreyer, et al., 2018)

Busyness has become a predominate mode of being in the health care system. When caregivers feel time-starved, it impacts their entire mind-body-spirit system. In this session, we explore how to create the "slow in the quick" where the health caregiver learns strategies and mindsets to care from a place of presence and patience even in the midst of the swiftness of time. 

Taming Time Stress

Core Training #1

This session sets the foundational concepts of Burnout Awareness and Mental Health
  • Cultivate burnout awareness:
    • What is burnout?​ 
    • What does burnout do to the mind, body, and spirit of the health caregiver
    • What are the stages and manifestations of burnout?
    • How can I care for myself when I am suffering from burnout?
    • What is spiritual exhaustion and moral injury?
    • How does burnout exacerbate perfectionism?
  • Learn about the 3 core elements of mental health for caregivers to overcome perfectionism
  • Explore the #1 stressor for caregivers, time-stress, and learn how to create the "slow in the fast" in one's practice
  • Discover one's personal time-stress triggers that drive burnout and learn an evidence-baed CARE practice for transforming a time trigger into greater presence
  • Engage and experience REST mind-body practices that slow the fast moving mind and body to create a sense of groundedness and stability in the present moment

"Healing is a practice. It's not a one-time thing or idea. If I get up and do a bunch of exercises and repeat them, over time my muscles with get stronger. Healing is a practice just like this." (M. Schroedl)

Our health caregivers know better than most that healing is practice, and it requires attention, dedication, and commitment. Yet compassion fatigue and burnout inhibit a health caregiver's ability to turn their healing attention on themselves. In this session, we focus our attention on specific practices that health caregivers can leverage THROUGH stressful moments to transfigure toxic stress into moments of self-care and self-healing.

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Healing Through Toxic Stress

Core Training #2

This session sets the foundational concepts of Toxic Stress, Trauma Reactions, and Healing
  • Learn and practice the 3 core elements of self-compassion while exploring how self-compassion has protective properties that stave off secondary trauma and compassion fatigue
  • Explore the toxic stress impact and it's connection to trauma:
    • What is toxic stress vs. healthy/productive stress?
    • How does toxic stress create trauma in the body?
    • What is productive/healthy stress?
    • What are the different stages of a trigger? 
  • Discover one's personal triggers that drive trauma reactions and learn an evidence-baed H.E.A.L practice for transforming a trigger into healing, insight, and mental health
  • Explore the 4 models of Attachment and reflect on how trauma resides in the nervous system
  • Engage and experience RESTORATIVE mind-body practices that settle and safeguard the body and befriend the nervous system
Medical Checkup
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Compassionate Health Caregivers

“It’s critical to realize that this epidemic of compassion fatigue is a shared responsibility. Individuals are not going to ‘resilience their way’ out of this. The medical system and culture of medicine have to change.” Oana Tomescu, MD

We believe that the calling to be a health caregiver is about patient care and patient healing, AND we believe that health caregivers were called to this healing work not only to heal others but to heal themselves. We believe that the stress of the profession can produce incredible depths of compassion and care, and not just for patients. We believe that health caregivers can learn strategies, perspectives, habits, and ways of being in relationship to stress that stoke self-witnessing, self-compassion, and unconditional positive regard. Compassion for the self begets compassion for patients in one's care. And compassion heals burnout, secondary trauma, and compassion fatigue.

Core Training #3

This session sets the foundational concepts of Relationship Revitalization and Compassionate Caregiving 
  • Learn and practice the 3 core elements of self-compassion while exploring how self-compassion has protective properties that stave off secondary trauma and compassion fatigue
  • Explore the difference between compassion fatigue, burnout, and secondary trauma
  • Experience the C.A.R.E healing module for revitalizing relationships based on deep listening and empathy
  • Discover one's personal triggers that drive compassion fatigue and learn an evidence-baed C.A.R.E practice for transforming compassion fatigue into unconditional positive regard for the self and patients
  • Engage and experience REVITALIZING mind-body practices that activate the "soul nerve" and drive connection with those in our care

Each of the core training sessions are designed to be a 3-4 hour RETREAT Training.

It can be engaged

  • Virtual via Zoom or In-Person 

  • Core Trainings are $5,000 each




Foundations Training (5-6 hours)                    $8,000

(3) Core Topic Trainings (3-4 hours each)        $15,000

Total investment cost: $23,000



Healing Health Caregiver Infinity GroupTM 

Our caregivers need spaces of care carved out for them and their healing and restoration.





HHC Infinity Groups are designed to supplement the core training curriculum by offering strategic in-person mindbodysoul integration support for a small cohort of individuals after the training series ends. These groups intended to be small and intimate; around 30-35 people.


HHC Infinity Groups are also designed to create and hold safe spaces of healing, revitalization, and mind/body/soul health for health care professionals.


Every session we will engage restful and restorative mindful movement practices that focus on the breath to soothe an overactive nervous system, release physical tension, and promote healthy sleep while we engage in peer group sharing and support of integrating the HHCP concepts into your personal life and professional role.

We will identify 6 (90 minute or 2 hours) sessions where the small group gathers to engage:

  • restorative mind/body practices: guided yoga, guided visualizations, grounding practices

  • circle group sharing and processing,

  • peer support and community healing, 

  • integration of the core session topics in the realities of one's current role and personal life

$1,200 each

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