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Teaching as an act of love...

We are passionate about your health and well-being because you matter and the work you do is incredibly important. And it goes even deeper than that. The inspiration for Present TeacherTM  stems from a deep reverence for all students. Essential to social justice work in education is an emotionally & mentally healthy teacher who practices self-care and self-love.


A teacher who shows up mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually well meets students where they are at, for who they are, and sees the pure potential for who they can become. Students feel a connection to authentic and real teachers because Present Teachers notice subtle nuances of a student's unique individuality.


When students feel seen and noticed for who they really are, they feel a strong sense of belonging. When teachers meet their students with compassionate hearts and open minds, they create opportunities for all students to discover and embody their true power and genius. 

When you teach from a connected self, you connect deeply to students and connect them not just the content you teach, but to their academic potential and to themselves.

We are here to support, inspire, and connect you to strategies, tips, practices, perspectives, research, and (most importantly) your innate wisdom so that you can connect to your greatest professional capital-- yourself!

"To work for peace and justice,

we begin with the individual practice of love,

because it is there that we can experience firsthand love's transformative power."

[bell hooks]

There is SO much more we can't wait to share with you on this topic... more coming soon!