Meet Jen

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Dr. Jennifer J. Clifden is the founder of Present Well-Being LLC and the creator of Present TeacherTM Training. Jennifer received her BA in Elementary Education from the University of Michigan and her MA in Socio-Cultural Foundations and Educational Thought from Western Michigan University.


Jennifer received her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Minnesota College of Education + Human Development with a focus on human-service professional mental and emotional well-being, dispositional development, and human-centered curriculum design and instruction. She researches human- service professional stress resilience and the process for "burning in" to heart-centered healing professions. 


Jennifer is also a 200 hour certified yoga teacher and has spoken about mindfulness and well-being in the workplace at Target Corp. Jennifer has experience teaching meditation courses for the Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota, Lifetime Fitness, and the University of Minnesota College of Education + Human Development and Carlson School of Management.

Jennifer also created and founded Mindful Moms Network while her children were infants to raise awareness of the mental health of mothers and caregivers. MMN is a supportive community and safe space for mothers to be inspired to mother in the moment, honor themselves, and be real about the stressors of raising healthy, happy children. 

Jennifer is currently the program administrator for the Minnesota Grow Your Own Teachers (MNGOT) program at the University of Minnesota's College of Education + Human Development. Jen also teaches courses on new teacher social-emotional health within the program.


She draws on 24 years of collective experience as a public school teacher, university teacher educator, program administrator, mental and emotional health researcher, mindfulness and yoga teacher, and mother of a 8th grader and twin 7th graders to raise awareness of human service professional mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being through national keynote and conference presentations and working directly with human-service professionals (school leaders, educators, therapists, physicians, and nurses) in the Twin Cities and beyond.

Jennifer's teaching, research, writing, and curriculum development areas of expertise are:

  •  human-service professional mental and emotional health 

  • human centered design, curriculum, and research 

  • educational leader well-being and leader emotional intelligence

  • parent mental health and well-being education

  • mindfulness training and mindful-movement (yoga) practices

  • teacher burnout and stress-reduction

  • qualitative human research

  • new teacher identity transformation and development

  • mental health wellness curriculum design, planning, and execution

  • origins of healing practices and spiritual health

  • trauma-informed mind & body restoration practices