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The Present School ProjectTM 

is an innovative professional development training designed to engage school staff, educators, and administrators in expanding their knowledge and embodiment of the foundational elements of holistic school wellness:

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) 

Embodied Equity

Soul Justice

Social Justice

School Kids

The Present Schools ProjectTM

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We believe that if we want to both teach and equip our students with the necessary skills, practices, and habits of mind of SEL, well-being, and anti-racist ways of being in the world that 

inspire them to live their life with joy and dignity,




















we must first be well, become skilled in our own SEL competencies, and embody a Presence that engenders trust from our students.


We believe that the work of SOCIAL JUSTICE starts on the inside--

we call this inner practice


If we aspire to be in relationship to our students and those in our school community from a place of authenticity, respect, and unconditional positive regard, we must first cultivate a relationship with our own selves that honors, respects, and witnesses our inner diversity, truth, and spirit. 

If we want to create classroom conditions of safety that honor students' identities and lived experiences and prioritize their agency and personal power in their learning and self-exploration, we must also explore our own relationship to our diverse identities, lived-experiences, and sense of power and agency to liberate ourselves from our own past pain and trauma triggers.

We believe that LIBERATION is both an 

action of healing and an act of justice

Liberation is difficult, yet deeply rewarding work.


Liberation as an action is messy, tangled, emotional, freeing, and healing. As adults who create spaces for children to be seen and known for their unique souls and infinite potential to make an impact in this world, we must first walk our own paths of liberating our souls from the grips of stress, pain, trauma, judgment, shame, and depersonalization that happened to us.


No human is exempt from experiencing pain and suffering. Our responsibility as educational caregivers is to metabolize and clean our inner reactions, pains, and suffering so these energetic triggers become energetic fuel that feeds the light of compassion, love, and unconditional positive regard for those in our care. 


We work with staff and school communities to explore and experience research-based practices to help educators and educational staff understand how their inner world inter-acts with the

relationship stressors in a relationship-based profession. 

We hold safe and guided spaces for educators and school staff explore how their

mindbodysoul systems "inter-act" with those in their care. 


We help educational caregivers explore how to re-relate to common and unique student behavior triggers so they gain awareness so they how to actively HEAL a trigger while they simultaneously become a compassionate guide for students when they are displaying signals of their own inner difficult energetic states (shame, anger, frustration, embarrassment, etc.). When educational caregivers are guided and supported in HEALING their pain and suffering in response to triggers in their calling, they experience the power of their innate liberatory capacities. 

When the educational caregivers know the practices and processes to liberate themselves from their own pain and triggers, they are able to hold spaces of safety and compassion to assist their students in connecting with their innate liberatory capacities while they strategically guide the student through the same processes of self-alignment, integrity, and soul justice they practice. 

We believe that when people display signs of pain and suffering, they deserve more love and compassion. Not less.

We want that for our students and we want that for our educators and educational caregivers. If we want our caregivers to hold compassionate spaces for our students when they are in pain and suffering, we need to first do the same for them.

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"This training finds its way into improving our relationships with everyone we encounter on our mission to teach. Self-love as the cornerstone of racial justice seems simple, cutting edge, and essential all at once."
Elementary School Teacher


We engage our core training topics in an integrated and innovative way--

we intentionally LEVERAGE the inherent stressors of the profession as the practice arena

for our SEL, Well-Being, and Embodied Equity development.

Just like the lotus flower draws all its nutrients to bloom from the muck in the pond, we can learn practical, yet powerful, strategies and practices that allow us to metabolize stress in a way that not only dramatically diminishes burnout, but burns stress as fuel to burn in to our calling and capacity to be of service to our students with our whole selves. 


Stress can be an invaluable catalyst for growth and change!

Through our training, school personnel not only learn about the core features and competencies of SEL, well-being in a human-centered profession, and how to exude a presence of compassion, reverence, and respect for all students, they experience how to trans-form experiences of stress, personal triggers, and uncertainty into their greatest opportunity to actualize the key features of being well in our work and our personal lives. 

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Engage school personnel with strategies, practices, and experiences rooted in neuroscience, social and emotional learning (SEL), trauma-responsive care, and mindfulness to actualize their individual core competencies of SELself-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making

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Engage school personnel in experiencing and practicing the 4 elements of the Infinite Well-Being CycleTM to cultivate the 5 elements of Embodied Equity: perspective taking, integrity, self-awareness, truth telling, and unconditional positive regard

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Explore the intersection between social and emotional learning (SEL), well-being, healing, and anti-racist practices to cultivate SOUL Justice (the inside work of embodied equity) and SOCIAL Justice (the outside embodiment equity-based dispositions).

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Our curriculum draws upon the following research-based practices that support educators and school personnel in developing and practicing mental and emotional resilience:



Trauma-Responsive Classrooms

Healing-Centered Design

Restorative Practice


12 hours

Training LENGTH Options include

  • (4) 3 hour sessions

  • (3) 4 hour sessions

  • (2) 5-6 (full day) sessions

Training FORMAT

  • In-Person

School personnel earn up to 12 "clock hours"

of professional learning engagement 

Email Jen for a customized investment cost quote for the size of group and your desired training format.

Thank you very much for your incredible workshop today. My staff were engaged, inspired, and felt a sense of healing and restoration. 


This training has helped change the mindset of my staff from surviving to striving. My school experienced significant trauma last year as two staff members died from COVID-19.  Jennifer and Nuhu created a space for my staff to heal, care, and restore their love for teaching. 


I recommend that every school in Minnesota take advantage of this excellent professional development for educators. 

Elementary and Middle School Principal



Intellect & Awareness

Direct instruction on current, research-based foundational knowledge and data about SEL, Educator/School Personnel Well-Being, and Anti-Racist Practices

Mental Health

Mindful mental health meditation practices that calm a busy mind, cultivate non-judgment, and expand perspective taking

Body Wellness

Gentle mindful moment practices that strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system's relaxation response


Put Into Practice training handbook that outlines detailed practices to integrate core concepts in one's personal and professional life

Professional Colored Pencils

Training TOPICS

Prioritizing Soul Justice: Exploring how the relationship to the self based on compassion and self-awareness is a cornerstone of social justice. Experiencing how the 5 core elements of Social and Emotional Learning are essential elements of "soul justice" and how embodying these 5 competences creates the necessary foundational conditions for embodying equity through social justice practices.
Stoking Social Awareness and Embodied Equity Through Stress: Leveraging stress as a catalyst to cultivating soul and social awareness to intentionally create opportunities to be "in-tune" with the self while we "attune" with our students, peers, and administration from a place of unconditional positive regard.
Compassion and Truth Telling: Exploring the science of (self) compassion, and how compassion and unconditional positive regard are essential dispositions of embodied equity that can be learned and cultivated through the stress of the profession.
The 5 Core Competencies of Embodied Equity: Exploring the core competencies and foundational practices to embodying social justice and defining one's "standard of justice" in education.

Your Trainers

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Dr. Nuhu Sims

Equity Director 

Brooklyn Center Community Schools

Dr. Jen Clifden

Founder & Director

Present Teacher Training

Present Well-Being LLC


Interested in bringing The Present Schools Project to your school or district?
Contact Jen for more information...

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