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We support our

Minnesota Department of Health SHIP staff in bringing research-based professional learning opportunities in




to adults in our schools, health care, and work communities.

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Present Well-Being LLC is a Certified Equity Vendor
for mental and emotional Health (SEL) consultation for school districts and mindfulness training for educators and school leaders.
State Vendor Number: 0001036635
Primary NAICS Code: 621330

Educator & School Personnel
SEL, Mental Health, and Well-Being Trainings

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The Present Teacher Restoration ProjectTM 

is an inspiring 4 hour self-paced, online mental health and well-being professional development offering that focuses on providing our educators, administrators, and school support staff with systematic, research-based practices in mental health and emotional resilience support for sustainable well-being in the midst of a global pandemic and our collective mission of social justice work.

Check out what educators in Hennepin County had to say about the Present Teacher Restoration ProjectTM  that was brought to them through Hennepin County Public Health grant funding.  

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The Present Schools ProjectTM is an innovative professional development training designed to engage school personnel, educators, and administrators in expanding their knowledge and embodiment of the foundational elements of holistic school wellness:

Social and Emotional Learning 


Embodied Equity

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Present Teacher ∞ Present StudentTM is a synergistic professional development training program. This transformation opportunity combines the philosophies, practices, and strategies of both Move Mindfully® and Present Well-Being® into one complete program supporting the physical, mental, and emotional well-being for teachers and students. 

Trainings for Health Care Well-Being

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The Healing Health Caregiver ProjectTM is an evidence-based, experiential curriculum of emotional healing, mental health, and burnout restoration designed for health caregivers. We know that our health caregivers "support and maximize human 

and system capacity and potential" (Kreitzer and Koithan, 2019), and our curriculum is designed to support and maximize their capacity and potential.