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Present TeacherTM

Webinar Well-Being

Webinar Well-Being

Present TeacherTM  Webinar Well-Being professional development experiences provide educators with personally relevant, engaging, and interactive mental, emotional, and social-emotional learning experiences in the privacy of their own home. 

Our live webinars do exactly what our face-to-face session aim to do-- create and hold the space for you teachers to connect with their calm, connect with each other, and connect their social and emotional learning to their classroom context. 

Present TeacherTM  Webinar Well-Being PD is based on current research on online learning best-practices, adult learning theory, and mindfulness training.

Every 60 or 90 minute webinar includes the following: 

20-30 minutes of direct instruction around current teacher well-being research, the origins of educator mental health, and fundamental elements of the core topic. 
15 minutes of guided mindful movement and meditation practices that ignite the calming parasympathetic nervous system (think slow, gentle mindful movement) and calm a busy mind.
15-20 minutes applying what teachers learned in the session to their teaching practice.

Teachers will also receive the following support materials: 

  • Additional mindfulness-based exercises that align with the core topic for educators to practice in their personal life AND their classroom context.

  • 2 articles that extend the core learning objectives of the session.

  • Links to additional online guided meditations and mindful movement videos for extended personal practice.

Interested in bringing a Well-Being Webinar to your staff?

Contact Jen to discuss how to customize this professional learning experience to meet your unique staff well-being needs and fit your professional development schedule:



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