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Teacher SE:

SOUL & Emotional First Aid

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Learning Objectives

  • Develop a repertoire of emotional and spiritual health strategies to restore hope and gratitude amidst uncertainty. 

  • Explore "emotional labor" in the teaching profession & how your mood impacts your teaching,

  • Learn how perception, thoughts, and emotions are all interconnected and impact your daily mood and "emotional style"

Core Elements of

Soul & Emotional First Aid

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Gratitude Journal Concept. Writing I Am

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Emotional Health & Resilience

"Mental and emotional immunity is just learning to avoid the destructive emotions and to develop the positive emotions."

(The Book of Joy)

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Facts about moods that will change your life: 

Creating the Teachable Moment (Darlene Stewart)

  • Moods come from the inside.

  • the world outside is a reflection of the world inside.

  • Moods can change.

  • A change in mood changes everything.

  • Moods are contagious.

  • Communicating in negative moods leads to misunderstanding and conflict.

  • Moods alter our sense of time.

  • Low-mood thinking starts a negative feedback cycle that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Soul Health & Resilience

Acting in alignment with A (awareness), B (breath), and C (choice) in emotionally proactive moments to cultivate core virtues 

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Feel the emotional reaction.

What is this emotion meant to show me?

How am I perceiving this moment?



What are my core values?


How do I want to "be" and feel in moments like this?


What's a slightly better thought to think and emotion that I'd like to feel?


A virtue is a characteristic of a person which supports and cultivates their well-being as they act in alignment with it.

Virtues are good ways to BE.













What virtue do I want to cultivate and embody in this moment?

What actions would align with this virtue?


Soul & Emotional Health

Practice Plan


#1: Meditate

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Dan Harris

10% Happier

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#2: A.B.C

Soul & Emotional Health Practice

In addition to calming your body and mind, it is critical that you shape shift your perception and line of thinking and feeling toward the stressors in your teaching and your life.

We do this through intentional focus and reflection on our emotional triggers and how they impact our actions. A fundamental way to practice this awareness of our daily emotional re-actions is to engage "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy." CBT is a powerful psychological tool that is rooted in comprehensive theories of emotions and behaviors connected to these emotions.

Grab some sticky notes! When you have an emotional reaction you would like to learn more about WHY you felt and behaved the way you did, walk your awareness through the Infinite Well-Being Model above. Slow yourself down to really focus on the reflection prompts and write your responses out on your sticky notes. 

You will be amazed at what you discover is the true origin of your stress, anxiety, fear, etc...

Your Spiritual Rx: Complete (1) S.E. Health Reflection per day for 7 days. 

#3: Gratitude Practices

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