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"While every household has a medicine cabinet full of bandages, ointments, and pain relievers for treating basic physical maladies, we have no such medicine cabinet for the minor psychological injuries we sustain in daily life...and sustain them we do, just as frequently as we do physical ones." (Emotional First Aid, 2013)


Teachers have always needed to know and practice protective strategies in their social emotional first aid kits to manage the daily stressors of working on the front lines of a human-service oriented profession. That need has never been greater given the massive increase in uncertainty and unpredictability in the teaching profession in the aftermath (we hope it is the aftermath!) of COVID.


In this session, teachers will learn and practice simple, yet effective and efficient RESTORATION & REJUVINATION practices that will allow them to move into this new school year with hope, passion, vision, and excitement!

In short, teaching is emotional labor-- the effort required to manage and metabolize strong emotions like anger, shame, guilt, anxiety, and overwhelm, as well as generate and stoke positive emotions like joy, hope, and compassion. 

Stress significantly diminishes a teacher's capacity to regulate their negative emotions and cultivate positive emotions. Ironically, teachers who leave the profession often cite their inability to cope with their own emotional reactions to loss of control, unpredictability, and lack of purpose in their teaching as the primary reason for burnout.

There are many, many strategies and practices rooted in cognitive and affective neuroscience and social and behavioral sciences that teachers can learn, practice, and integrate into their personal and professional lives as teachers to metabolize stress, manage negative energy, protect themselves from the burnout cycle, and find joy in teaching the whole year through!

Learning Objectives

In this session, teachers will: 


  • Explore the core elements of the teacher burnout cycle and learn how to protect one's self from the 2 paths to burning out, 

  • Explore the core elements of the teacher renewal cycle and learn the #1 strategy for instantly regulating the emotional stress of anxiety,

  • Learn the 6 fundamental elements for increased productivity, creativity, and joy in teaching amidst uncertainty,

  • Learn the 3 basics tenets of "mindfulness," how mindfulness helps teacher mental health, and how mindful awareness can help teachers manage their stressful thoughts about work while at home.


  • Engage a "managing strong emotions" guided meditation to decrease anxiety and increase compassion and insight through the power of connecting to the breath,

  • Practice "hard-wiring happiness" meditation and discover the healing impact this meditation has on the body, 


  • Put into practice the Teaching Infinite Well-Being ModelTto learn how to metabolize a chronic stressor as an opportunity to cultivate increased self-awareness, self-confidence, and emotional regulation,

  • Create a personalized Teacher Well-Being Manifesto and Stress-Resilience First Aid Kit that includes a list of strategies and practices to engage to stoke mental health, emotional resilience, and heart/soul passion in one's teaching practice.

Interested in this session?

Contact Jen to discuss how to customize this professional learning experience to meet your unique staff well-being needs and fit your professional development schedule:

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