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Experience Talks

We sure had a great time talking about how these SPPS educational caregivers restore their energy, maintain joy and perspective in the hard times, and actualize their resilience to see stress as opportunities to feel more connected with their calling and less burnt out.

Rosa Miyashiro Matsumoto -- LEAP HS Counselor

In this Experience Talk about Module 8-- Establishing Your Well-Being ManifestoRosa shares her practices and strategies to leave her work day feeling "tired, but happy" vs. tired and burnt out. My new motto!


Rosa shares truly brilliant insights that are so grounding and practical, you will be inspired to start them today.

Jade Fischer -- Como Elementary Music Therapist

In this Experience Talk about Module 4-- Teacher Self-Compassion, Jade poignantly describes how perfectionism and focusing on the "product" (especially in education) becomes problematic for compassion for the self.


Jade shares with how she practices the healing balm of self-compassion by focusing her full attention on the process....

Haley Ehleringer -- Battle Creek Elementary Counselor

"As adults we have a tendency to want to fix things but often kids, like adults, just need someone to witness them. I like to start from a place of being together..."

In this Experience Talk about Module 1-- Prioritizing Your Well-Being, Haley reminds us of that critical awareness to help us stave off burnout -- how to hold spaces of witnessing for others so we don't fall into the "I gotta fix it for them" trap.

Juli Montgomery-Riess  -- Office of College Education & Readiness Lead Counselor

In this Experience Talk about Module 2-- Banishing Time Stress, Juli just nails it!! I sat back to take notes, because never have I heard an educational caregiver describe so articulately how to manage time stress and the "urgent care" demands that chronically come our way.

Juli says she provides care like a pediatrician vs. an urgent care doctor in the school setting... Wow.

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