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A full day restoration session allows for your teachers to really feel the flow of their natural states of well-being and capacity for connection with their peers.

There is something unreplicable about immersing your teachers in a full day of concentrated attention on their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Teachers report leaving a full day of guided practices that facilitate deeper connections with the self and each other feeling lighter, supported, seen, and energized.

When we know we have a full 6 hours of well-being time, we organize the entire day around a specific well-being theme. We then tether the learning, reflecting, and engagement with peers through multiple mindfulness-based practices. 


During a full day session, we get your teachers' bodies moving right away with (2) gentle morning movement practices. We then engage the calming of the mind with a soothing body scan meditation. These practices really ready the mind and body to integrate our core learning for the day as well as facilitate a sense of safety and trust with each other to do some deep connecting work.


At lunch, we keep practicing our well-being strategies as teachers learn the art of Mindful Eating. After eating lunch mindfully, teachers are guided on a rejuvenating Mindful Walking exercise (*outside if weather permits). 

That afternoon, we engage more content and reflective practices while engaging in more mind calming mental health meditations. The day long focus on well-being closes with a restorative yin yoga practice that calms and balances the nervous system, stimulates the body's immune system, reduces anxiety and stress, and increases natural energy states in your educators. 


Teachers leave this day not only with the embodied feeling of pure calm, joy, and relaxation, they are take away multiple strategies and practices to use in both their personal lives and classroom practices to keep the positive energy stoked!

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