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Teaching is a spiritual practice-- the challenges of teaching can bring you closer to discovering your greatest capacity for creative teaching and authentic relationships with students.


Teaching as a spiritual practice means that educators know how to leverage the stress as invitations into deeper self-awareness and alignment with self-expression.

Teachers often report entering the profession of teaching feeling "called" by a force unique to their very being to serve children and the world through this heart and human centered profession. When teachers feel connected to their calling through their teaching and connection with students, teaching feels energizing, effortless, and invigorating. On the flip side, when teachers feel that their core values, natural talents, and capacity to authentically connect with their students feels stifled or limited, they experience "moral injury" which is described as a soul/ psychic wound of the teacher. This is when teachers tend to lose heart in their teaching. 

Spiritually resilient teachers know how to:

  • protect themselves from the 3 primary causes of burnout,

  • metabolize the stressors of teaching in a way that allows them to gain greater awareness and insight of themselves and another, 

  • de-escalate their stress triggers and regulate their emotions while teaching,

  • instantly align any moment with their core values so to act in alignment with who they are and what their students need

Learning Objectives

In this highly experiential learning session, teachers will:


  • Learn about the 3 primary causes and manifestations/symptoms of burnout and moral injury.

  • Explore the research on teaching as a spiritual practice to deepen self and situational awareness and compassion for self and others.

  • Engage (2) mindfulness-based practices to calm the triggered mind and body.



  • Engage in reflective practice that re-connects them to their core values and primary purpose as an educator.

  • Put into practice the 4 step process of the Educator Infinite Well-Being ModelTM to learn the process for metabolizing "problems" as the portal to cultivating resilience and protection from moral injury.

Interested in this session?

Contact Jen to discuss how to customize this professional learning experience to meet your unique staff well-being needs and fit your professional development schedule:

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