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“I am glad I had the opportunity to take this training. I found myself over-working and this program helped me to prioritize my work and have agency in seeking balance. I felt like someone else at school than I did at home. After this training, doing my job felt more effortless. I like doing my job now. This training has taught me how to come back to myself. I want to do it again! Each module was meaningful for what I was going through. I want everyone to do it!”  (1st year teacher)


Video Introduction by Jen

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What is the PTRP?

8 Module Topics 

The Present Teacher Restoration ProjectTM curriculum is designed to be a slow and low dose of (8) 30 minute  modules that are engaged on a weekly basis so that after the module is experienced there is space before the next module for you to integrate the practices in your teaching and personal life.

When you access the training platform, you will see all 8 modules (and all the content per module) appear.

The curriculum is designed to be engaged in the sequence the modules are listed. However, you are free to move around the different topics in any order you choose. While they are designed to flow from module 1 - module 8, each module can also stand alone.

The training will be available to you until June 30 , 2024

Module 1

Prioritizing Your Well-Being

The power of attention, attitude, and awareness

Module 2

 Banishing Time Stress

The art of managing energy and not time


Module 3

Taming the Toxic Stress Impact

Learning the art of metabolizing stress through the teacher well-being cycle

Module 4

Teacher Self-Compassion

Compassion for self begets compassion for students


Module 5

Teacher Joy!

Stoking positivity, hope, and happiness in education

Module 6

Trauma & Teaching

Transforming teacher stress into mental and emotional strength


Module 7

Teacher Restoration AS Social Justice

Self-love as the cornerstone of social justice


Module 8

Establishing Your Well-Being Manifesto

Creating a sustainable well-being practice

School teacher's desk with stack of book

Teacher Testimonials


This training was a life saver!

I will rewatch all of the lessons. I actually feel like a healed person.

High School Teacher 


Everything I learned in the PTRP can be applied to my teaching and well-being immediately!
I can implement the tools I learned with students, and they would be able to replicate them on their own for their own benefit.
Educational Assistant 

Blue Water

I loved going through the PTRP modules!
The PTRP modules affirms everything we feel in a day, week, and year. This training gave me practical wellness tools that helped me with my stress levels, and it also addresses one to be self-reflective and honest in one's teaching practice to bring about more inclusiveness and equity.
1st Grade Teacher

Boats in the Water

I found the series to be calming, centering, and hopeful!
This training has helped me to realize that situations in the classroom can be stressful, and how I choose to respond is up to me. 
Elementary School Teacher

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