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Teacher Commitment

Investing in the commitment of your teachers means investing in the emotional state and moral values of your educators (Hargreaves & Fullan, 2012). According to Hargreaves and Fuller in the book, Professional Capital, commitment is:



We know from the research, that 50% of new teachers flee the profession within the first 5 years due feeling a lack of emotional wellbeing and moral injury. Moral injury is described as a psychic wound that occurs when a teacher feels their values and purpose cannot be expressed in their teaching. 

Present TeacherTM professional development is built on the foundational pillars of the origins of teacher wellbeing: 









Making Art

Present TeacherTM professional development engages teachers in developing expertise in working their origins of their well-being through the Teacher Infinite Well-Being ProcessTM. Teacher learn how to move through the 4 elements of the well-being model to strategically and systematically use every experience in teaching to gain more self-awareness, greater perspective of situations and others, emotional intelligence, and compassionate relating to the self and their students. 

When teachers learn how to use everyday teaching experiences as invitations into deepening their commitment to their calling to teach, their students, and their very selves through engaging the Teacher Infinite Well-Being ProcessTM,, they stage off burnout, moral injury, emotional fatigue, secondary trauma symptoms, and compassion fatigue. 

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