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Teacher Capability

Investing in the capability or expertise of your teachers means immersing your educators in professional experiences that increase their skills and qualities that lead to a sense of accomplishment. When educators learn specific and relevant skills that increase their expertise, they build confidence. 










Day School Teacher

Present TeacherTM professional development is built on the foundational knowing that when teachers are not taught how to metabolize the stress of the profession and manage the strong emotions teaching provokes, they exhibit one of the most destructive manifestations of burnout: 


lack of personal accomplishment


When teachers feel a loss of self-efficacy and lack of personal accomplishment, the burnout cycle sets in because their mental health is compromised. Because of the stress, they begin to believe that they are ineffective, uninspiring, and unable to cope.

Present TeacherTM professional development is a direct investment in cultivating the capacity and expertise of your teachers because every single moment of our training is about teaching your teachers how to connect with their innate capacity to metabolize stress in order to fuel their engagement, involvement, and energy levels. Teachers learn how to leverage their stressors to actualize and embody their greatest personal assets; become adaptable to change and uncertainty; stay enthusiastic, engaged, and passionate; and become more compassionate with their students...and themselves.

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