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CANNON FALLS Elementary School

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Teacher Testimonials


This training was a life saver!

Every week I was waiting for it to practice meditation, remind me of my strengths, and manage my energy in the best way possible to survive and find joy in the middle of a pandemic and distance learning- THANK YOU!!

Minneapolis Public School Educator


Everything I learned in the PTRP can be applied to my teaching and well-being immediately!

I can implement the tools I learned with students, and they would be able to replicate them on their own for their own benefit.

Minneapolis Public School Educator

Blue Water

I loved going through the PTRP modules!

The PTRP modules affirms everything we feel in a day, week, and year. This training gave me practical wellness tools that helped me with my stress levels, and it also addresses one to be self-reflective and honest in one's teaching practice to bring about more inclusiveness and equity.

1st Grade Teacher

Boats in the Water

I found the series to be calming, centering, and hopeful!

It was really nice to have short modules that I could complete anytime between my on-line teaching sessions and meetings. 

Elementary Teacher

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MODULE Release Dates


Module 1: Prioritizing Your Well-Being: The Power of attention, attitude, and awareness.

Mindfulness Focus: Breath & Body Awareness

• Learn about the (3) core elements of mindful awareness and well-being,

• Explore professional core values and purpose as a teacher, and explore how core values help one prioritize mental and emotional health in the midst of stress.




Module 2: Banishing Time Stress: The art of managing energy and not time.

Mindfulness Focus: Mind Awareness

• Learn about the origins of time stress for teachers while discovering how to create a new relationship to time and energy,

• Explore the 4 critical mindsets for diminishing time stress.




Module 3: Taming the Toxic Stress Impact: Learning the art of metabolizing stress through the teacher well-being cycle.

Mindfulness Focus: Perceptual Awareness

• Explore the origins of what makes stress toxic and learn about the body's physiological, mental, and psychological reaction to toxic stress,

• Learn about the cycle of burnout to increase awareness of the signs, symptoms, and manifestations of teacher burnout in the classroom setting,

• Engage the 4 core components of the Educator Infinite Well-Being ModelTM to learn how to “process a problem” to produce emotional resilience, self-awareness, and social awareness.




Module 4: Teacher Self-Compassion: Compassion for self begets compassion for students.

Mindfulness Focus: Mind Awareness

• Learn the 3 elements of self-compassion by Dr. Neff and explore the origins and impact of compassion fatigue and secondary-trauma,

• Discover how compassion's protective properties diminish the onset of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma,

• Explore the ways that compassion protects personal energy and power while creating space for another to experience attunement.



Module 5: Teacher Joy! Stoking positivity, hope, and happiness in teaching.

Mindfulness Focus: Emotional Awareness

• Learn how to manage emotional reactions as a teacher and protect one’s self from draining emotional and mental energy,

• Discover the power (and necessity) of positivity, joy, and happiness in teaching and how these states of being are essential elements for creating socially just classroom spaces for students.



Module 6: Trauma & Teaching: Transforming teacher stress into mental and emotional strength.

Mindfulness Focus: Breath Awareness

• Explore current research on toxic stress and collective trauma and its impact on teachers, students, and learning,

• Learn the basics of re-storing your physiological, emotional, and mental systems to regain balance after experiencing a trauma trigger,

• Learn about the origins of teacher trauma and how to create "trauma sensitive" classrooms for students and one’s self.



Module 7: Teacher Restoration AS Social Justice Work: The power of love and awareness in restoring justice and peace in our school communities.

Mindfulness Focus: Body and Soul Awareness

• Discover how to teacher wellness is a source of wisdom and how honoring our inner work of well-being helps us do the outer work of holding spaces of acceptance, compassion, and healing for our students,

• Discover how mental health creates the conditions to fight institutional racism, disrupt systems of oppression and neglect, and "freedom-dream" a new future where human beings are the center of our systems of learning,

• Explore the process for transforming fear and pain into love and compassion in the classroom setting and beyond.



Module 8: Establishing Your Well-Being Manifesto

Mindfulness Focus: Relationship Awareness

• Discover how committing to a commitment to be well transforms how one teaches and positively impacts relationships with students,

• Explore and practice engaging the 4 core elements of a Well-Being Manifesto to create a personalized value-based self-care plan.

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