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Present Well-BeingTM in the Workspace
Burnout Awareness and Prevention 


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Given the rapidly evolving needs and landscape of organizations, cultivating employees who can bounce back, and even grow, from challenges and adversity is emerging as a key strategic organizational priority.


Present Well-BeingTM in the Workspace is an experientially based learning experience for human-service professionals that increases burnout awareness, toxic stress prevention, and resilience competencies. 

Research confirms that workplace burnout is a public health pandemic. More and more human service professionals report feeling overburdened, burnt out, and unable to cope with the social, emotional, physical, and mental demands of their profession. 



The "cost of caring" in human service professions is experienced as compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, sacrifice syndrome, and burnout. 





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Those who don't care, don't burn out.

Stress is Our Fuel

Our curriculum and preventative practice are innovative and impactful.

We intentionally LEVERAGE the inherent stressors of the profession as the practice arena

for learning the process for metabolizing toxic stressors, preventing burnout from taking root in the mind and body, and stoking mental and emotional resilience

Just like the lotus flower draws all its nutrients to bloom from the muck in the pond, we can learn practical, yet powerful, strategies and practices that allow us to metabolize stress in a way that not only dramatically diminishes burnout, but burns stress as fuel to burn in to our work and feel competent, committed, and in control.


Stress can be an invaluable catalyst for growth and change!

Through our training, school personnel not only learn about the core features and competencies of SEL, well-being in a human-centered profession, and how to exude a presence of compassion, reverence, and respect for all students, they experience how to trans-form experiences of stress, personal triggers, and uncertainty into their greatest opportunity to actualize the key features of being well in our work and our personal lives. 

Lotus Flower

Learning Objectives

In this highly experiential session, human service professionals will:


  • Discover and explore the 2 paths to teacher burnout and how the burnout cycle operates and perpetuates itself.

  • Learn about the top 10 teacher triggers for toxic stress.

  • Explore the 3 stages teacher burnout and the 3 ways burnout manifests in the classroom setting.

  • Learn about the core elements of the "Teacher Renewal Cycle" and how to engage it during stressful moments.

  • Engage deeply relaxing and detoxifying guided body scan meditation.

  • Engage simply mindful movements for the body that trigger the body's parasympathetic (calming) response.



  • Practice exploring their own personal stress triggers, investigating the thought and emotion patter behind them.

  • Practice engaging the the 4 step Teacher Infinite Well-Being ModelTM with a predictable stress trigger to learn how to metabolize a "threat" into a "challenge."

Interested in this session?

Contact Jen to discuss how to customize this professional learning experience to meet your unique staff well-being needs and fit your professional development schedule:

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