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Present TeacherTM Well-Being Series

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The A,B, and C of Teacher Soul Health

We do not talk nearly enough in teacher prep and professional development about the

soul/ spiritual health of our educators....and there is plenty of research to teach us.

We know a lot from the research about burnout and moral injury in the profession of education, but now it is time to turn our full attention to the ORIGINS of teacher soul health so we can be on the offensive with our mental and emotional well-being. 

We became teachers because we felt called to serve, help, heal, and teach, and this calling is our soul's work. If our soul is unwell because of burnout and neglect, we simply cannot do what we came here to do-- influence and inspire our students with contagious passion and positivity that they, too, are here to find what brings them alive and to track that purpose down with perseverance. 

Come on back soon to discover the A, the B, and the C of teacher spiritual health.


The research confirms it--

a healthy spirit and soul is your compass through

chaos and unclear times.


We cannot just "think" our way through the unknown anymore. We need to tap into our intuition and inner-intelligence if we want to know how to move forward in ways that serve the collective well-being of ourselves, our peers, and our students (and their families). 

The Three "B"s of Teacher Well-Being

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