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Present TeacherTM Well-Being Series

Guided AUDIO Meditations

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Bring It

Back to

Your Body 

Settle into this grounding meditation to train your body to calm itself when anxiety, uncertainty, and overwhelm take hold. This guided meditation will:

  • slow your mind,

  • relax your parasympathetic nervous system,

  • douse your body with feel-good awareness 

Bring It Back to Your Body Meditationby Jen
00:00 / 13:00

Gimme Some Space, Please

This meditation is pretty self explanatory!

In this new time of social distancing, we can find ourselves stuck in our homes feeling like we just need a little space for ourselves. As mother, I can attest to the reality of fleeing to my closet for just a couple minutes to get a little peace and quiet for myself. Well, do that and take this meditation with you! Try this meditation to see for yourself how powerful just a little bit of quiet space can change your presence and outlook on everything.

Gimme Some Space Meditationby Jen
00:00 / 06:50

Perseverating on the Positive

Where we choose to direct our attention matters significantly if we want to improve our mental and emotional health as teachers. This guided meditation will create space for you to gently guide your thoughts and perspective to all the silent beauty and micro-miracles hidden in the current state-of-the-state for our teaching practice these days.


Slower days, more space for yoga, walks with pets, coloring contests with the kids, family time, freedom from rigid schedules, more time to cook, eat....etc...


Perseverate on the positive, teachers! You will be amazed at all the things to be grateful for that are not seeking your attention. They exist!

Perseverating on the Positiveby Jen
00:00 / 07:55

Sending Positive 


to Our Students 

Compassion and wishes of well-being are the good kinda contagious!


We miss our kids and during times of social distancing, it is normal and natural to worry about how are students are doing and if they are getting the emotional, physical, and intellectual support they need and deserve during these times. 

While our worry is natural, we need to protect our mental health by noticing when our worry and anxiety about our students starts to deplete our energy. Take a moment to play with shifting your attention and energy to shooting out positive vibes of compassion and wishes of well-being when your students cross your mind!

Sending Positive Vibes to Our Studentsby Jen
00:00 / 12:33
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