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Present TeacherTM 

Virtual Well-Being Series

Balancing your mental & spiritual

well-being while being a teacher 

during uncertainty and change.

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Core Values of Present TeacherTM 

  • Teaching is a calling, and this calling is our most important and precious source of powerful mental, emotional, and spiritual energy.

  • The ultimate sacrifice, ourselves, is not an option for any educator. We must be healthy, whole, and embodied to be fully present for our students so they feel seen, felt, and understood, and because our purpose on this planet should bring us closer to ourselves (not further away).

  • We can learn to METABOLIZE stress to BURN IN to our mental health, emotional intelligence, and self-vibrancy! We can leverage stress to stoke the best parts of who we are. We can then inspire, influence, and make an impact as educators that is in alignment with our values and personal integrity.

  • "We teach who we are," (Parker Palmer) so taking deliberate and intentional care of our minds, bodies, and spirits IS how we best serve our students, our own children, peers, parents, family members, and the broader community. Our vibrant, alive, happy, and healthy personal PRESENCE as teachers is our greatest professional asset AND greatest source of personal well-being.

Present TeacherTM Well-Being Series

VIDEO Trainings

Present TeacherTM Well-Being Series

Guided AUDIO Meditations

Present TeacherTM Well-Being Series

Guided VIDEO


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